Meet Our Founder

Delilah MOSES

I'm on the right and to the left of me is my inspiration behind Moskn, my grandmother Joan.

I grew up eating sea moss and also wasting it a lot due to forgetting how much it expands once back in water. I knew the amazing benefits sea moss had such as the 102 minerals but it was only until i wanted to find usage for the excess sea moss I had soaked the idea popped up.

Is sea moss good for the skin externally?

I did some research and asked my grandmother about it. I found so many amazing qualities and was amazed it wasn't already being used (apart from traditionally back home)

This is how MOSKN was born.

All the ingredients used in our products are inspired by the fruits grown in my grandmother's garden and beyond the Caribbean. From her sweet mango tree right down to the spices Grenada is famous for.

I am really excited to see Moskn's journey.

"Let's bring the beauty of the Caribbean to your skincare routine"

  • Grenada


    Grenada, where we source our vibrant sea moss. Is an island of the West Indies, between the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean. Neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados.

    It is a beautiful, vibrant island with waterfalls and beaches, great rum punch (Founders favourite from Esther's bar), award winning chocolate, and an amazing,authentic carnival experience.

  • The Ingredients

    In my grandmother's garden, an abundant variety of tropical treasures flourishes, including mangoes, avocados (pears), bananas, papayas, limes, and passion fruit.

    Yet, this is just a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Grenada's harvest. Our island boasts an extensive array of fruits, from the refreshing coconut and the indulgent cocoa, to the exotic soursop, tropical pineapple, and zesty guava, not to mention the unique flavors of tamarind and beyond.

    The prospect of infusing these ingredients into our products fills us with anticipation, as we eagerly look forward to sharing the vibrant essence of Grenada through our creations.