Join our journey as we dive deep into radiant, naturally balanced skin with our sea moss-infused skincare.

Unlocking the secrets of Sea moss.

Discover the beauty secret of Sea Moss! It has a wealth of skincare benefits that elevate your glow. 

Did you know it promotes skin vitality, boosts hydration, supports a radiant complexion, and aids in reducing redness and inflammation? 

Let's delve into the impressive array of minerals and vitamins found in sea moss that that are great for your skin.

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Natural skincare is beneficial for skin health as it avoids harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Choosing natural skincare is a simple yet effective way to promote radiant and vibrant skin.

MOSKN is the UK’s newest skincare line infused with Sea Moss, the seas vegan collagen solution. Packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals that boast anti-bacterial properties to combat everything from acne to signs of ageing.

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Sea moss contains sulfur, known to have antimicrobial properties which help with the overproduction of sebum. Resulting in reducing excess oil.

Mineral benefit: Sulfur


Sea moss has anti-inflammatory properties which help to manage dry skin.

Mineral Benefits: Zinc & Sulfur


Contains minerals help skin to maintain and enhance healthy complexion.

Mineral Benefit: Vitamin C, A & K

Combination (both oily and dry skin) 

Moisturising, oil-balancing, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it fit for all skin types, enhances healthy complexion. Whilst sulfur helps to control excess oil, making it excellent for combination skin.

Mineral Benefit: Sulfur, Vitamin C, A & K


Sea moss hydrates the skin and protect from environmental elements.

Mineral Benefit: Vitamin C, A & K & Sulfur.

If you have sensitive skin we advise to patch test products.


Sea Moss can be useful to people who suffer from acne. The antibacterial properties of sea moss may also help your acne.

Mineral Benefit: Vitamin A & Sulfur

With its exceptional moisturising, oil-balancing, anti fungal , and anti-inflammatory properties, sea moss is perfectly suited for all skin types.

  • We hold a deep appreciation for the beauty of the sea and are committed to preserving its pristine condition.

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  • Rooted in heritage, we sought to blend age-old practices with a demand for skincare solutions that truly deliver.

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  • For countless years, algae and seaweed have been harnessed for aiding in healing & enhancing skincare.

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